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It amazes me how far subscription services have come. It used to be just CD’s, books, and magazines. Now you can get makeup, clothing, and jewelry delivered right to your door each and every month. Some of these services even customize product selection for you, taking into consideration your style, personal attributes, and budget.

If you follow my blog, you know already that one of my faves is Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a clothing based business where you get clothing sent to you each month that is hand selected based on your style and size.

Why I love it: They are usually spot on as far as sending clothing that is my personal style, fits my body shape, and is within my budget. I can send back anything I don’t want to keep for free. You can also set up a one time “fix” or set up automatic “fixes” to be sent each month. They even have clothing for men and kids as well. One HUGE bonus for me is the fact that if you choose to buy everything in your delivery, you’ll receive a 25% discount off of your entire purchase!

What I don’t love: The styling fee is applied to your purchase if you decide to buy any items sent to you. If you don’t like anything, and send it all back, the styling fee does not roll over. I have yet to get a fix where I don’t keep anything.

If you want to join, or learn more about Stitch Fix, CLICK HERE

Stitch Fix Signup

Cosmetic “surprise” subscriptions are another service you can get delivered monthly. There are a few options out there, but what they usually all have in common is that they send a mixture of random products based on your profile. Two popular subscription services are Ipsy and Birch Box. For both you get 5 products that are selected based on your personal style and preferences. Both are also $10 per month.

What I love: The products you get allow you to try expensive cosmetics before purchasing them. The variation is usually very good, and it is highly unlikely to receive duplicate product types in the same shipment. Ex., you won’t get 2 conditioner samples in the same order.

What I don’t love: If you don’t like a product sent, you can’t return it for a credit or exchange (then again it is only $10). Preferences are not ALWAYS followed. For instance, if you select that you aren’t really into hair care products, you may still get hair care products. You can expect to get at least 1 product per shipment that you won’t use.

Ipsy Signup

Jewelry is a fashion essential, and Plunder has revolutionized the jewelry subscription industry by offering the opportunity to join Plunder Posse. Plunder Posse is a subscription service that delivers 1-3 trending pieces to your door each month! These pieces are not found in the normal catalogs and are limited quantity.

Here are some examples of past Posse sets

Plunder Posse Signup

What I love: It is only $25 including taxes and shipping, AND you earn rewards for being a Posse member, called Posse Perks. The perks can be used for MORE jewelry! The jewelry is exclusive, so it isn’t something you will see EVERYONE wearing. The jewelry is trendy AND high quality. I love the “surprise” aspect of Plunder Posse.

What I don’t love: I love everything about Plunder Posse!

Plunder Posse Perks Subscription

If you want to learn more or join Plunder Posse CLICK HERE

I am a fan of subscription services. Who doesn’t love the idea of fashion and beauty products coming right to their door? I wonder what subscription services will be available in 10 years

subscription service signups

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