Check Out What I Just Earned with Plunder Design!

When I tell women that are interested in becoming stylists that Plunder offers GREAT incentives, not all of them understand just how AMAZING the incentives are! Incentives can be trips, products, cash, and more…. ON TOP of your commission!

I have earned the Lunch with Louis in September which got me a Louis Vuitton wallet and $1500 cash ?

But this is the latest incentive I earned with Plunder….

plunder in paradise winner

I earned myself an all-expense paid 7 day cruise!!!

 I was one of the 55 stylist that earned this incredible incentive. I am so grateful and feel absolutely blessed to work for such an amazing company that cares about the success of each individual woman who joins. Plunder rewards stylists for their hard work, and this only encourages them to go further! A cruise is quite a motivator!

What’s even better is lots of my girls earned this incentive as well! I am so proud of them. They work hard, support and encourage each other, and really deserve this. I won’t be taking the cruise, because I don’t travel without my family, but I know they will have an unbelievable time! If you want to learn how you can earn awesome incentives like this, contact me here to find out about becoming a Plunder Stylist!

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