Awesome New Stylist Incentive!

Becoming a new stylist? Do it by April 12th! Why? Because Plunder has outdone itself and is offering an amazing new stylist incentive.

In addition to the starter kit jewelry (see image), business supplies, and marketing materials, you will also get a $28 promo code to personalize an item AND…here’s the kicker…an additional promo code for $200 you can use towards Spring 2019 catalog items!!!!

Plunder starter kit jewelry

This is crazy good! For just $99, you will receive over $230 in Plunder products and business supplies to get your business off the ground AND then $228 MORE in promo codes. That is a $458 value for only $99. Un-Be-Liev-able.

Not to mention, this is a great opportunity to take control of your future. You can set your own schedule, make enough to support your family or just some extra cash, and work with supportive and empowered women.

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Plunder offers an in demand, high quality product. You get the supplies and support you need to get off to a great start. The compensation is GREAT, and you can earn incentives and cash bonuses too!

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